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Stevens Media Consulting Ltd. Client Testimonials and Reviews


Paul Steiger “Joanne Stevens took a print guy without a clue how to get the most out of television appearances and taught me how to put a point across. She is fun to work with, and she delivers results.”

, Managing Editor, Wall Street Journal

Carl Quintanilla "Joanne Stevens is one of those rare coaches who teaches both the ‘science’ of speech – AND the ‘art’ of being oneself in that strange place called television. She does it with a love and understanding of the business that is unparalleled.”

NBC News

TVijay V. VaitheeswaranJoanne the producer was effusive afterwards. Said he'd like me back and asked us to let him know when our next big stories are coming. In particular he loved my phrase "The Splinternet of Things"- he wants to have me back on to discuss this further."

, US Business Editor, The Economist - Author, "Need, Speed and Greed' Award Winning Correspondent

Tom FieldJoanne Stevens thanks so much for the time you spent with us on Tues and Weds. Your personal and group coaching were invaluable. We each learned tons from you, and our new skills will greatly enhance all of our interviews and events. More importantly, you led us through a great team-building exercise, and we made a new friend in you. Can’t thank you enough.

, Vice President, Editorial Information Security Media Group

Cheryl Wills“When I met Joanne Stevens, I had a high pitched sing-songy, undisciplined, insecure voice. I found my voice and now I only sing her praises. She is a great instructor and her enthusiasm is contagious. She brings the best out of her clients and makes them want to come back for more. I count myself lucky to have trained with Joanne. She was my first voice coach and fortunately, I have never needed another.”

Anchor, New York 1 News

Phillip O'Brien “Joanne Stevens does much more than show aspiring TV news reporters how to look and how to deliver their lines. She combines presentation with thorough tutoring in story-telling, writing, editing, fairness and balance, diversity, and much more. Her message is not just the medium, but the journalism in the medium. The results are polished news professionals who appear on television.”

Executive Producer, WNBC-TV News

Seema Kalia “Joanne Stevens has that great elusive combination in a coach – she manages to zero in on specific areas for improvement – without bruising your ego. Her direction is precise, clear and the results of her coaching are obvious and immediate.”

, Host of Q and A and 21 Forum, WLIW (PBS)

John Hardwood "Joanne Stevens' unique combination of head and heart is what sets her apart as a coach for those of us who appear on television. She has command of all the technical aspects of TV performance – tone, cadence, articulation. But more than that she is masterful at understanding how broadcasters connect (or don't) at the level of feeling and emotion. I can't tell you how much she has helped me in my relatively recent introduction to TV work after years writing for newspapers. She is the best.”

Political Writer for The New York Times and Co-Anchor of The New York Times Campaign Edition on MSNBC

Danica Patrick "Joanne Stevens, Hello, this is Danica. Powerblock went REALLY well. They were super happy - the first show was done in 1 hour, second in 40 min, and the third in 30 min. No one knew what to do with the rest of their Saturday! By the way Spike TV is loving you because of how things are going with me on cam.........”

Race Car Driver

Ellis Henican “Before I met Joanne Stevens, I was like most print guys who wanted to be on TV. I had lots of things to say, but they weren't coming out right. Joanne calmed me down, cleaned me up and showed me how to be myself in front of a camera. She did something else I still don't understand: She made me sound smarter on television than I am in real life. I have no idea how she did that. But I owe her big.”

Newsday columnist, Fox News Channel Analyst, Bloomberg Radio Talk-Show Host


Wayne Cabot As a 24 year old trying not to embarrass myself in a city of media titans, Joanne Stevens taught me to breathe, relax, visualize, relate. Her techniques gave me confidence -- which is really what it's all about. Joanne is a dedicated coach who has been known to call me in the newsroom at all hours of the day and night with a valuable tip or observation. Not only is she a keen listener, she is a delight to be around.

Anchor, Reporter WCBS News Radio

Mike Capek "Turning my MBA class over to Joanne Stevens for 2 weeks was the best alternative to assigning a much-needed business text that doesn’t exist. Joanne takes her theories of TV news, leadership, power, communication, and human behavior- and serves them up to leave us smarter, braver, and savvier about that roaring animal we call television. If you plan to be a leader in your field, you’ll line up to buy this book."

, Stern School of Business

Ed Del Grande “I was a master plumber for twenty-five years. Now I’m the host for a national television show. If Joanne Stevens can take a plumber from the sewers all the way up to a professional TV career, than she can help anyone reach their dreams! Thank you Joanne!”

, Host, DIY Network

Mary Kathleen Flynn Joanne Stevens is in a whole other league from “media trainers” or “voice coaches.” When I jumped from reporting at MSNBC to anchoring at CNN, I was comfortable on-camera but I lacked the authority to carry a show. By understanding how to convey my passion and knowledge for a subject- my voice and my demeanor followed suit.”
Editor-in-Chief, Mergers and Acquistions, An Arizent publication

Al Della Fave Joanne Stevens - Thanks to you I had a tremendously successful and rewarding career with the New Jersey State Police. 15 years as spokes person (that spanned 9 Colonels, 7 Attorney Generals, and 5 Governors) and at the end the head of their Regional Operations Intelligence Center. I like to think of myself as the MVP of all your students. I will always think of you as my launching pad to fame and fortune.

Media Strategist- Risk Analyst- Crisis Manager

Ilana Gold Joanne Stevens is a truly incredible talent! Her constructive critiques and hands on approach to coaching greatly enhanced my on air performance and storytelling. She takes a special interest in her clients and truly cares about their success. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the broadcast field!
CBS New York

Leigh Seaman Television hosts are the face of the dozens of people who work hard every day to produce a show. If the performance lacks the excellence needed to represent that hard work effectively then there's a problem....and when there's a problem, Joanne Stevens will fix it and pronto! Watching Joanne work is like attending the ballet. She has an amazingly graceful way of bringing out the best in an on-air talent and giving new-talent the confidence to pull it off. She does so with a great sense of humor and a thoroughness that is to be envied. I love this woman!
- Partner & Executive Producer for Sea2Sea Media Group

Sunny Hostin Hi Joanne! I hope all is well. Just got off air and was thinking about how I still use the wonderful tips you gave me during our many training sessions. You're always in my head! I look forward to stopping by for a refresher! Sunny…
- Legal Analyst for CNN’s American Morning

Leslie Marble I had the pleasure of going through Joanne's boot camp twice (one as a Money magazine reporter and again as a researcher with Consumer Reports). She is amazing and you will learn a great deal that your will leverage over the course of your career. - Director, Digital Innovation & Research - Prudential Financial


Dave Briskie It was a very strong event. I though everyone presented well. The feedback I received was very strong and I believe that working with Joanne just the day before and then putting it into action so quickly was helpful. , President and CFO - Youngevity International, Inc.

Carol Mirotznik Joanne, you have both been amazing! You jumped into the fray, taking challenges and creating a positive, JOYOUS educational experience and on a personal level, so much more. I just want to thank you for all your hard work and help. You have completely changed the landscape for talks and Q&A’s! You’re a sprite, sprinkling fairy dust and spreading your magic. Thank you thank you thank you!  Carol Mirotznik, Film Producer and Attorney

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