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Media Training

Media Training prepares you for  tv, print and web interviews.   Since many of my clients are the journalists and bloggers who work hard to provide us the news-  working with me assures that your preparation and new skills are specifically targeted to the ever-morphing media world. 

Television and Radio Skills

Television and Radio Skills.  The word television now reflects internet video.. mobile video.. YouTube postings.. as well as the TV programming that started it all.  Radio remains powerful.. and a joy.  Gladly, it’s expanded into podcasting and value-added audio files.  Whatever the modality- understanding what works best for writing, reporting, anchoring,   interviewing, ‘ad-libbing’ and hosting programs is imperative. 

TV and Radio Voice Coaching

If a space-saucer landed and a Martian demanded  “show me how you walk’” I guarantee you that many people would over think it and have difficulty.  Speaking when we know that our jobs depend on it.. or when  the syntactic structure differs from how we ‘normally’ speak can wreak havoc.  The other reality is that some of us want to participate in ‘oral journalism’ or in professions hinging on spoken information-  but our natural speaking voice is not ideally suited for these disciplines.  I can help. 

Teleprompter Training

Speaking on camera should ideally come across as sincerely and spontaneously as possible.  Information and the trajectory of our words and passion should seem to arc out.  Time is always limited.. and we want to ‘get it right’.. but speaking from memory is ill-advised for many reasons. 

Enter the invention of the teleprompter.  Its effective use is based on my theories of oral language and viewer bonding.  It’s a fabulous invention when used correctly!   And as odd as it sounds- You do not read a teleprompter!  I’ll explain- and get you on your feet quickly and easily

Print Journalism

Message to print journalists: please consider joining us.. even part time.  If you prefer to keep writing or blogging- how about doing some supplementary video?   If you’ve edited or broken a story and the TV folks want to interview you-  I’ll help you prepare and participate in the interview comfortably and intelligently.  And if you elect to consider ‘crossing over’ to TV or video journalism-  I’ll help you transfer your skills.  If you’re not sure about the move: play around with these skills in the privacy of my studio- complete discretion guaranteed.  I don’t tell tales.


It is rare for someone to enter my studio without a ‘wow’.  You’ll learn to excel as a TV/video journalist..  do your voice-overs with ease.. put any message on video.. or nail your TV interviews-  all from the comfort of  a private state-of-the-art studio.  Make your beginners’ mistakes.. try out new ideas.. blossom further.. prepare for auditions.. shoot fresh video.. or record audio on my Marantz cd recorder  as I coach you in the process.  Whether you have a small-scale or larger video production need, we can shoot against different backdrops in my studio.. use greenscreen for post-production creativity.. or shoot on location with my production team.  

Demo Tape Recording

Add anchoring, standups or expert commentary to your current demo reel.  Or shoot with extra crew and post-production editing for a ‘professional video package’.  Put your fresh ideas on a dvd.  Your options are limitless.

Business Presentation Coaching

For those who decline speaking opportunities at their job.. for everyone who wants to kick the feelings of dread and self-consciousness.. for anyone who reaps no pleasure from presenting.. for all capable, confident speakers who can inspire even stronger reactions.. or to assure that the quality of your presentations match the caliber of your accomplishments- I encourage you to call.  You have new   techniques and tricks to learn.

Website Video

A static website is an uncompelling website.  Ok.. ok.. we’ll talk about my own video at another time ;) But trust me- even one 20-second simple, direct-to-camera video will get your information or message out more powerfully than ‘words on glass’.  Walk out my door with a series of thumbclick videos to compress and post.. or produce something more elaborate.  I’ll help you do it. 

Contact Joanne at  (212) 594.8851or send an e-mail by clicking here.