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Studio Services

It is rare for someone to enter my studio without a ‘wow’.  You’ll learn to excel as a TV/video journalist..  do your voice-overs with ease.. put any message on video.. or nail your TV interviews-  all from the comfort of  a private state-of-the-art studio.  Make your beginners’ mistakes.. try out new ideas.. blossom further.. prepare for auditions.. shoot fresh video.. or record audio on my Marantz cd recorder  as I coach you in the process.  Whether you have a small-scale or larger video production need, we can shoot against different backdrops in my studio.. use greenscreen for post-production creativity.. or shoot on location with my production team.

Fully Equipped Studio

Stevens Media Consulting offers a fully equipped studio facility with a news anchoring set and a talk-show interview set. Digital camera, lighting and microphones are broadcast quality. A telePrompter  is on-premises. Video-taping and in-studio playback are provided. Clients receive a DVD copy or digital tape of their work.  On-camera performances can be compressed for posting on the web.

Demo Tape Recording

Add anchoring, standups or expert commentary to your demo reel.  Or shoot in the field with my production team who will also do your post-production editing.  Put your fresh ideas on a video link, site-embedded video or on a dvd.  Your options are limitless.

Website Video Services

A static website is an uncompelling website.  Ok.. ok.. we’ll talk about my own video at another time ;) But trust me- even one 20-second simple, direct-to-camera video will get your information or message out more powerfully than ‘words on glass’.  Walk out my door with a series of thumbclick videos to compress and post.. or produce something more elaborate.  I’ll help you do it. 


To speak with Joanne please call (212) 594.8851 or send an email by clicking here.