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Transfer your skills to TV, Radio or Web Video
  • Being Interviewed: Learn to comfortably discuss what you have reported.
  • Career Switch: Learn to transfer your skills into a cross-over career in TV journalism.
  • You've been encouraged to use a video camera. Learn your options.
  • We'll also cover some basic writing, voice, production and on-camera skills that will make your contributions easier and stronger.

Message to print journalists: please consider joining us.. even part time.  If you prefer to keep writing or blogging- how about doing some supplementary video?   If you’ve edited or broken a story and the TV folks want to interview you-  I’ll help you prepare and participate in the interview comfortably and intelligently.  And if you elect to consider ‘crossing over’ to TV or video journalism-  I’ll help you transfer your skills.  If you’re not sure about the move: play around with these skills in the privacy of my studio- complete discretion guaranteed.  I don’t tell tales.

To speak with Joanne please call (212) 594.8851 or send an email by clicking here.