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Voice Coaching

Voice is all about anatomy and physiology.  Voice- simply put- is an audible series of sounds that are sent out on exhaled flows of air.  For speaking- these sounds become words and sentences that carry a message to the listener.

Voice is also all about the semantics of the message.  Its rise and fall.. with perceived ‘emphasis’ and variations in loudness and pacing..  naturally communicates the implications within information.  For any natural speaker, the voice automatically modifies as it carries facts and translates innuendos to the listeners’ ear.

Most people have perfectly fine speaking voices, but do all kinds of wacky things when they're anchoring, reporting, or ‘presenting’.  Joanne can help 'bring them back' to the natural, pleasant-sounding speaking voice they've probably lost in the process. 

Other  ‘oral journalists’ or speakers may in fact have a natural speaking voice that is considered ‘too high’.. or ‘too thin’.. or ‘too weak’..  etc.  This may be the case.. or it may be the perception of others.  Joanne’s graduate degree in speech/voice/language pathology gives her the ability to ‘differentially diagnose’ exactly what is going on with each speaker.  She fixes or changes the identified  ‘problems’ so the speaker’s voice is enhanced.. or no longer distracts the listener.

Joanne also addresses subtleties or problems with ‘articulation’-  i.e.. the precision of consonant or vowel production.  Sounds may be produced differently by accident.. or they may reflect a difference in ‘dialect’.  A perceived dialect might reflect regional idiosyncrasies among U.S. English language speakers.. or it can denote the differences in pronunciation or cadence presented by speakers for whom English is a second language.  

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