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Television and Radio Skills.  The word television now reflects internet video.. mobile video.. YouTube postings.. as well as the TV programming that started it all.  Radio remains powerful.. and a joy.  Gladly, it’s expanded into podcasting and value-added audio files.  Whatever the modality- understanding what works best for writing, reporting, anchoring,   interviewing, ‘ad-libbing’ and hosting programs is imperative. 

Stevens Media Consulting provides evaluations and coaching in the following areas:
  • TV and Radio Journalism
  • Sports and Color Analysis
  • Weather Program Hosting and Interviewing Infotainment - for TV’s How-To Programming
  • Teleprompter Skills - For first-timers or professionals honing this skill
  • Syndicated Cut-Ins- Professionals learn how to translate their knowledge to taped stand-alone TV or radio segments.
  • Crossover Training - Print journalists learn to transfer their reporting skills to TV or radio.
  • Voice Training
  • Speech/Articulation
  • Hosting
  • Preparation for TV Auditions
  • Skill Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Assistance in Selection of Demo Tape Contents
  • Diagnostic Coaching

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