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Corporate Video Services

There is no one who understands your business.. Your mission.. And your message better than you. There is no one to better communicate your sincerity and conviction for what you do- than you.

I don’t believe in the existence of a Do’s and Don’ts video performance primer. I work from theories and principles- many of them my own.  On-camera  ‘performers’ learn to tumble out their message with a ‘naturalness’ and spontaneity that is perceived as coming from the heart.  The result is a fresh, easy style that serves to hook and engage the viewers that the speaker wants to inspire.

I help each person appreciate and harness what works for them- perhaps highlighting it a bit.  We’ll tweak or eradicate what doesn’t work.  Whether your strength is your personality.. voice.. body language.. personal speaking style-  I will coax appealing  performances from you in a brief period of time.  

Corporate Video

There is no birthright that assures comfort or excellence when speaking directly to a camera. Hence the logical need for oncamera training.

Corporate Video Messages: C level executives, managers and employees are personalizing their information, messages and ideas by presenting them on camera. Whether you are nervous.. awful.. or trying too hard-  I’ll get you on your feet easily and quickly.  I’m known for my ‘fast work’.

Video Testimonials: Who better to sing the praises of your company than a satisfied client?  Give me the specific issues you’d like to address.. and I’ll coach and videotape your client on their site or at my studio.

Video Pitches: Is your company bidding on a project? Perhaps all the protagonists can’t attend the big meeting.  Your important missing link can present from the heart- on video.  My video team and I will provide a quick turn-around of your edited product. 

Oncamera Interviews:  My clients stand out and are asked back for subsequent interviews. I shun the (boring and predictable)  ‘brief.. concise.. in control.. thank you for having me’ template that so many people believe to be gospel- and embrace a style that has a pulse and momentum.  If you’d like to become a go-to recurring contributor- this is what you need to do.

Website Video Contributions: Your options are infinite.  Messages from management.. project updates.. thumbnail videos with suggestions, insight, or reactions .. on-camera interviews..  People are more prone to watch a video than to read a page of text.

White Papers on Video: Jumpstart engagement with roundtable discussions.. or with creative short videos spotlighting conclusions or participant testimonials.  They can be fun and creative.. or more scholarly. You can view some white paper video excerpts here.

Corporate Video Samples

Thought Leadership

Give me material delineating your company’s philosophies and industry expertise- and I’ll break it down into Messaging Points that will be serviceable for video scripts.. presentations and media interviews.

Editing and Coaching for Presentations and Speeches: Success hinges on how you speak.. and on simple and clear content   If a speaker’s dialect proves to be distracting or troublesome- my speech pathology background enables me to troubleshoot to help clients morph certain words or sounds.  Softer-voiced speakers can learn how to achieve a firmer, better-projected sound.

Why do people need video coaching and presentations coaching from Joanne Stevens?

After 30 years of business I have only grateful clients and only two complaints:
1) where is my invoice? 
2) You didn’t charge us enough- we understand what you’ve done to pull this off.  Please rebill us with an additional $5,000.