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Joanne has been helping television and radio journalists craft their skills in writing, reporting, anchoring and interviewing since 1980. She was moved to establish her TV consulting business when glib, stylized reporting permeated the news. Worrying that this encroachment threatened the quality of journalism - as well as her sense of humor - Joanne created Stevens Media Consulting, Ltd. Joanne is an avid blogger contributing content for journalists on the RTDNA website. You can read all her blogs here: She also serves as a tie-breaker judge for the New York Press Club.

Cable TV, Web, and Mobile Growth Demand New Skills

The subsequent proliferation of TV channels and their promise of timely, pertinent information forced the industry to turn to outside experts for content. Joanne’s client base expanded to include print journalists and professionals who participated in TV and radio interviews.   Today her clients include network and local TV/radio journalists…  hosts and niche program talent… print editors and reporters… business professionals… webcast contributors… essentially anyone who provides information on TV, radio, the web, mobile devices.. or to live groups face to face.   To speak with Joanne please call (212) 594.8851 or send an email by clicking here. She also serves as a tie-breaker judge for the New York Press Club.

Praise for Joanne's Work

John Hardwood "Joanne Stevens' unique combination of head and heart is what sets her apart as a coach for those of us who appear on television. She has command of all the technical aspects of TV performance – tone, cadence, articulation. But more than that she is masterful at understanding how broadcasters connect (or don't) at the level of feeling and emotion. I can't tell you how much she has helped me in my relatively recent introduction to TV work after years writing for newspapers. She is the best.”

Political Writer for The New York Times and Co-Anchor of The New York Times Campaign Edition on MSNBC

Leslie Marble I had the pleasure of going through Joanne's boot camp twice (one as a Money magazine reporter and again as a researcher with Consumer Reports). She is amazing and you will learn a great deal that your will leverage over the course of your career. - Director, Digital Innovation & Research - Prudential Financial