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Media Training for Your Business

When it comes to media training one size does not fit all - individualized training for "C" level executives and executive leaders

What I’ve learned from YOU:   Whether your demands are for presenting, moderating, speaking direct to camera, being interviewed or doing the interviewing:  Your end-goals for being confident and charismatic can be accomplished easier than you’d thought.  

I’m thanked for being “blunt..  kind.. clear and precise” and  “sensitive to [your] unique constellations of skills- or lack thereof”.   I’ll work with you to create a targeted plan that works best for you or your company.  Your work with me is completely confidential but I do quietly fluff with pride when you excel .   

Webinar Broadcasts  
  • Take the drone out of online meetings, training and quarterly reports by learning  to use syntax, voice and semantic interpretation to your advantage  
  • Learn how to appropriately infuse personality to make any presentation more  appealing  
  • Troubleshooting your visuals: are they working against you?
Media Training for On the Record Interviews
  • Being interviewed on-camera: Television, web, iPads and smartphones
  • Audio interviews: Broadcast Radio and Digital
  • Providing Soundbites for News Stories
Speaking Direct to Camera:
Teleprompter training is available
  • Intra-company: in- house videos and memos
  • Client messages and testimonials for proposals
  • Reporting from conferences
  • Reporting on smartphones: in the field and unanticipated news events
  • Skype: being interviewed or sharing Information
Speaker Training: Coaching Speeches and Presentations
  • Script Editing
  • Key-Note Speaking to Large Groups
  • Hosting Events: Master of Ceremony
  • Intra-Company Presentations
  • Handling Q&A
  • Moderating or Participating
  • Preparation of Written Material
Converting Written Material into Media Points
  • SMC, Ltd. will translate your business messages into Media Points
Editing Video/Audio Scripts   
Learning Video Skills
  •  Hosting/Introducing a video segment
  • Being interviewed’ for your company’s video
  • Serving as the interviewer
  • Creating short video reports Script narration skills 
Print Journalists and Writers: Translating your content into Video/Radio Journalism
  • Writing, standups, interviewing, tracking/voiceover, live reporting 
  • Constructing short video packages  
White Papers

 Turning White Paper results into insightful and catchy media presentations