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Do You Think We Can Make Our CFO's Reports More Interesting? 

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Sure you can! 

 It's easier than you think.   Let's first set the groundwork that you're working from a document that's been vetted by Legal- ie. tweaking words or syntax is out of the question.

Where is the document? If you're sitting and the report is on a flat surface, your neck and gaze are directed downward.  Any tilt of your head makes it harder to pump your voice from your stomach and through your mouth without forcing a tightening or detour of the air.
You ideally want your paper in front of you at eye level.  Do you think you’d rather stand?
About 50% of my radio clients do.
Your voice comes from your stomach and not from your neck or mouth. It will sound richer.. project further.. and you’ll never feel fatigue or tightness.
Projection vs. Loudness:  they are similar but projecting implies the intent to reach out to someone.  Remember that even if your voice is coming from speakers in a conference room.. or through a computer or smartphone- each of us is individually assimilating your information.   We are really there and interested in what you have to say.     
Your CFO is sharing (ie. not reading or announcing) information.  He/she should be speaking in a ‘conversational’ voice that fluctuates depending on the context of the content.   Your Earnings Report is actually a rich mix of layers that fall into 4 Semantic  Levels:

  1.  Straight facts.
  2. Secondary facts
  3. Brief, added detail or explanation that helps us appreciate or better understand something you’ve said   
  4.  The seemingly spontaneous elements.  Eg. hello's.. introductions.. comments  about being happy/ surprised/concerned.. your call for questions.. goodbyes.. thanks.. and impromptu  comments that may arise before or after the report.

Take a second look at your Earnings Report and try seeing it though this 4-D lens.  Pick out particular sentences and try loosening them up a bit.  How would you say them to a friend or colleague?

When doing it for real: try a very small tweak for starters.  You’ll like the way it brings that part of your report to life- and you’ll be motivated to expand your new skill. And Good News: this technique will also work for webinar and podcast scripts.

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