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Television Interviews- It’s Not You Against Us! 

You’ve been asked to participate in a television interview.  Congratulations! 

But I’m confounded by all of these scare tactics that people have suffered through.

“Redirect the question… Rephrase the question... Don’t trust them- they’ll send you suggested topics then blindside you or go off topic.. They’ll keep trying to push you… Your career can be ruined….  “.  I could go on.
Here’s the story:  I’m a journalist.  I love sharing, explaining and breaking news.  If I have the opportunity to interview a central figure or protagonist- or a professional whose field is integral to the topic-  I’d be giddy and fully of questions.  I’d do my homework (I may have folks helping with the research) and I might use some or all of my producer’s suggested subjects or questions.  Most importantly- I’ll listen.  I love digging further!  Who knows what I’ll learn?
Do you know everything?  No
Are you at will to share everything you know?  Doubtful
Would you give me your Banking Pin Number if I asked for it?  No
Am I threatening to water board you?  No.
If you were seated at your assigned table at an event and sat beside a stranger with whom you proceeded to have a fascinating chat- would you enjoy yourself?  Yes.
.. And you’d be better off for it.

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