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Shake Up Your Webinars and PowerPoint Presentations

Ok- it’s time to make your webinars and PowerPoint presentations more riveting by borrowing from a journalism writing technique.  Anyone who’s met me knows I’m a Lede Line freak.  (this spelling preferred to Lead- which in this case rhymes with seed).  Lede Lines work with children.. smart dogs.. seemingly intractable store managers.. and with any person who’s sat through more than one presentation of any sort. 
Here’s a Media Point with a Lede Line:  “Putin is dropping bombs on Syria”.  (Listeners are thinking Yikes!  This guy’s a maverick! ) The White House was not advised of his intentions.  But it’s speculated that Syrian President Assad knew about his plan.  There is documentation of destruction within residential areas”.  (Now listeners may be thinking ‘hmm.. so interesting.. so sad.. ‘). 
You can engender similar reactions from your audience if you keep your information simple..  ‘chunk-like’.. and begin with a Lede Line to assure our attention.   
Want to learn more about Putin and his relationship with Syria?  We can add more Media Points- keeping them to 3-5 sentences each.
Want to explain your newest product details.. your discrete approach or solution..  your fascinating information.. or your theory about anything?  Same thing holds true!  You can talk for 20-40 minutes.  Just assure you are continuously re-jiggering our attention with Lede Lines.. and dividing all that you want to share into intellectually tasty Media Points.

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