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Getting More from Webinars

Getting More from WebinarsHow can I Put more personality into my webcasts?   Your solution to dilemma such as these lies in semantics. Semantics is the soul of spoken language.  It belies the sentiment and innuendos that float what we are saying to listeners' minds.  A "good morning" from a warm but concerned doctor sound different from a "good morning" posed by a securities expert who knows about our concerns but has a solution.  From birth- as we learn to speak we develop unique speaking styles that bring life and passion to what we say.  Unfortunately- when it comes to Webinars- hosts and presenters often face unexpected dilemmas.

  • The one-dimensional flatness of a printed script : the symmetry of the lines can become a lulling wasteland of hieroglyphics  and it's easy to lose the connection to how we actually speak.
  • The unseen audience loses its reality.  You are really having a 2-way conversation with them- despite their silence.   How can you start improving? Eavesdrop on conversations. 

Listen to the variations in rate.. Inflection..loudness.. Pauses.  Listen to yourself when you're having an animated conversation.  Tape a minute or two with your iPhone.  This is the animated voice- replete with semantic riches- that we should be hearing as you present.   Sure- even you at your most natural might need some tweaking for your Webinars or videoconferences- but it's a good start to eradicating the drone or the false, scary smooth and polished' attempt!

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