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Stevens Media Consulting, Ltd.

Founded by Joanne Stevens, Stevens Media Consulting, Ltd.  provides media and voice coaching for journalists, public figures and business executives.  Click here to learn what clients are saying. Training covers radio, TV, cable and online interviews, anchoring,  business presentations, key note speaking and webinar presentations. Whether you’re first entering the media world or you’re seasoned,  Joanne will tailor a curriculum to fit your individual style. Training sessions are available in studio.. on site.. via Skype and Web Meeting tools. For more information, email Joanne at:

Joanne Stevens

Joanne Stevens

For over 30 years, Joanne Stevens is in the rare position of having garnered trust and respect from ‘both sides of the fence’:  from the TV, radio, video and print journalists she works with.. as well as from the news and business protagonists whom they interview. More...  

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Client Centered

On Camera Training

Stevens Media provides on-camera training for TV news and journalism, TV voice coaching, online video contributions, TV interviews and business presentations. Each curriculum is custom tailored to meet the client's specific needs. Click here for Joanne's perspective on her services. Joanne’s professional studio is available for rent. To speak with Joanne please call (212) 594.8851 or send an email by clicking here.

What Clients are Saying

Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran

Joanne, the producer was effusive afterwards. Said he'd like me back and asked us to let him know when our next big stories are coming. In particular he loved my phrase "The Splinternet of Things"- he wants to have me back on to discuss this further."

Danica Patrick Race Car Driver

Joanne, Hello, this is Danica. Powerblock went REALLY well. The first show was done in 1 hour. No one knew what to do with the rest of their day! By the way Spike TV is loving you because of how things are going with me on camera.........” 

Cheryl Willis News Anchor

“When I met Joanne Stevens, I had a high pitched sing-songy, undisciplined, insecure voice. I found my voice and now I only sing her praises. She is a great instructor and her enthusiasm is contagious. She brings the best out of her clients and makes them want to come back ...”