Joanne Stevens News Coach Blogger

Advice for TV, Video and Radio Journalists

I’ve been invited by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) to be the contributing News Coach blogger for their website.  Find my blogs by typing my name in the RTDNA homepage search box.  If you’d like to subscribe to my RSS feed, please click here.   And if you have a blog topic you’d like to see.. or if you’d like to send me a comment or question-  please contact me at 

Here is a list of my blogs:

  1. RTDNA Welcomes Its First 'News Coach' Blogger
  2. Breathing And Speaking On Air
  3. Articulation, Pronunciation And Dialect On Air
  4. Breaking News- Broken Writing- Reporting Vs. Regurgitating
  5. Lessons from the News Coach: Your Natural Speaking Voice
  6. Lessons From The News Coach: Avoid 'Oomphing'
  7. Lessons From the Newscoach: Flubs Are Fine, Just Fix 'Em!
  8. Lessons From the News Coach: The Rushed Reporter’s Interview and Standups (Part I)
  9. Lessons from the Newscoach: Live Standups - Part II
  10. Newscoach Lessons: Turn Off the Charm, Turn On the Real Voice
  11. Lessons from the Newscoach: To Be Strong On Camera, Follow These 2 Mindsets
  12. Newscoach Lessons: Standups Are Not All About You
  13. Newscoach Lessons: 'When Ledes Kill!'
  14. Newscoach Lessons: Want to Stand Out? Write Well