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Stevens Media Consulting News Blog

  1. Announcing Joanne's Blog!
  2. Breathing And Speaking On Air
  3. Articulation, Pronunciation And Dialect On Air
  4. Breaking News- Broken Writing- Reporting vs. Regurgitating
  5. The Rushed Reporter’s Interview and Standups (Part I)
  6. Live Standups - Part II
  7. Lessons from the News Coach: Your Natural Speaking Voice
  8. Breast Stroking In- Tapping Into Your Natural Voice
  9. When Anchors Misspeak
  10. Smooth and Polished: Great for Decorative Flat Stones-  or Count Dracula- but Wrong for your TV and Radio Speaking Style
  11. It's Not About You.. It's About Us 
  12. Voice-Over - Cognitive Chunks and Pausing: A Tip and a Common Liability
  13. A Random Catharsis: Interviews, Cheesy Live Hits.. and Weak Starts to Live Reports
  14. Writing: Tell It Like It Is (with thanks to Aaron Neville)
  15. When Ledes Kill….